Admitting Representative

Company Name:
Koch Davis
In the Admitting Representative position, you will screen all referrals for substance and psychiatric abuse admissions. This involves gathering demographic, next of kin info and financial info as well as the other pertinent data. In addition to that, Admitting Representative will be required to obtain referral source information for various marketing purposes.
The candidate for the Admitting Representative position must have previous experience in health care environment.
Bachelors Degree
Established in New York in 1879, our Hospital is nowadays one of the largest suppliers of mental health, residential services and addictions recovery in the region. In general, our Hospital provides 30 addiction rehab and 108 psychiatric rehab beds, as well as outpatient services including PROS program, mental health clinic, partial hospital and addiction treatment. Besides, our Hospital offers 723 OMH and OASAS licensed residential beds, Addiction treatment programs, Health Home Care Coordination services and many more.

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